Advertising in the 21st Century

advertising 21st century

Businesses rely heavily on their target market and potential clientele. The law of supply and demand explains how crucial it is for the market to patronize the product – a high demand means more supplies. Thus, it would be useless for a company to keep manufacturing goods that people won’t use.

The key message of a product and a brand changes the way people think about them. This message is introduced and strengthened in advertisements.

For instance, toothpaste commercials show the creative visualization of fluoride fighting cavities. A clothing brand uses a popular actor to promote its newest spring collection. A company sends out fliers that contain necessary details about its product launching. All these examples point out the various ways of advertising a product.

Why Advertising is Important

Advertising is both an art and a game. Its goal is to make a product known to its target market. Through advertising, customers are encouraged to complete the action and go beyond just knowing about the product. The key message and strong visuals in advertising methods attract the audience and encourage the latter to buy the product.

In the past, businesses would pay for TV and radio commercials, posters, billboards, and coupons. These methods cost a lot – fliers consume a lot of paper and ink, whereas commercials and billboards are costly to produce and set up.

It’s also common knowledge that most traditional advertising methods tend to deceive consumers. The use of testimonials and creative visualization, for example, don’t capture the essential message of the brand. For most businesses, advertising is simply a means to an end. That is, to earn more sales.

The Internet Changed Everything

The Internet proved to be a game changer in the business industry.  Companies now have access to cost-effective strategies to promote their business and ask for authentic testimonials from their customers. The power of the Internet is so big that almost all businesses now have their own social media accounts.

Companies were able to focus on delivering the key message – the essence of using a product – rather than devising deceptive strategies and visuals. Modern marketing methods balance quality and convenience. While creating posters on Facebook and Instagram is easy, ads should still carry the key message of the brand. The technique is to craft the key message in the best way the company can, and convince people to share it.

Modern advertising has an exponential effect. A product can be made more popular when it’s shared via social media. Companies don’t even have to spend a lot on social media ads and videos. These can be done by an in-house staff, or by business owners themselves.

Advertising Today

social media

The most popular advertising method now is through social media. Everything you post on social media platforms, as long as they are relevant to your followers, will be shared in cyberspace. The more people there are who follow your account, the greater the chances of getting these potential clients to become actual clients.

Think in millions: a million likes and shares can make a difference to your sales. Using these hugely popular platforms is free and effective, as there are millions of people who will see your ads. It’s no wonder people choose modern advertising rather than traditional methods.

Another modern advertising method is mobile advertising. This is where you use your phone and other portable devices to advertise your products. Sometimes it’s used to complement online advertising. They both work based on the target market’s Internet and gadget use. For instance, you can gauge the age bracket of your target market by analyzing their Internet consumption. This allows you to think in terms of who your customers and followers are, and how frequent their Internet activity is.

Bad Publicity is Still Publicity

The caveat is that the Internet is so powerful at carrying the message of your brand that one wrong move, or one irresponsible post, can break your business. Users have a voice now, and comments on discussion threads can easily be misinterpreted. Thus, you have to properly and strategically use online and mobile advertising, and encourage your target consumers to be responsible in their reactions, comments, and reviews.

Like in any business aspect, advertising undergoes evolution. No one can tell how far digital and mobile advertising will go and how long they will stay effective, but for now, it’s important that you maximize the digital resources available to you.

2 Replies to “Advertising in the 21st Century”

  1. There are multiple options for advertisers today, not unlike back in the days where print ads ruled. I’m not saying that it’s not effective anymore, quite the opposite. It’s just that most people are “techie” nowadays and you need to find a way to reach out to them. Online ads like Adwords, FB Ads, Youtube Ads can do the job.

  2. Strategies like TV and radio ads, billboards, flyers and direct mail will stand the test because they’re still widely used today. Definitely not as much they were used back in the day, but they’re still there. Advertising is constantly evolving and it’s quite exciting to see it. We have LED screen billboards now. Oh how time flies.

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